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DFDL Schemas for Commercial and Scientific Formats

This GitHub organization hosts repositories that contain DFDL schemas for modelling well-known commercial and scientific data formats.

The repositories are all public and allow anybody to access the content. If you would like to contribute to a repository, email the address on the organisation home page.

New to DFDL?

Data Format Description Language (DFDL, often pronounced daff-o-dil), published as an Open Grid Forum Grid Recommendation in February 2021, is a modeling language for describing general text and binary data in a standard way. A DFDL model or schema allows any text or binary data to be read (or "parsed") from its native format and to be presented as an instance of an information set. The same DFDL schema also allows data to be taken from an instance of an information set and written out (or "serialized") to its native format.

If you are new to DFDL a good place to start is the DFDL page on the IBM Integration Community. This contains links to DFDL implementations, tutorials and videos.

DFDL implementations

A DFDL processor uses a DFDL schema to parse and serialize text and binary data. The following implementations are available:

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